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Group Classes are designed to allow you to work towards your fitness goals along side of others who are at a similar level of experience to you. Inspire one another to push through the tough sets and never let one another give up on your journey!

Group Classes
1 on 1

Looking for that next level of personalize fitness program with individual attention and a strong partner to keep you motivated and pushing towards your goals? Well, you're in luck because our team of world class personal trainers are ready to help you achieve your goals!

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Tem Training
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Our fitness program is not just designed for individual fitness, we training athletic teams of all ages, skill set and from a variety of sports! Grab your team mates and level up your game with a FIT6 team training session and see the transformation first hand!

FIT6 Challange

This 60-day challenge is designed to reward your consistency, habits, and commitment to your fitness and nutrition. When you join, your name will be added to our challenge leaderboard where we’ll be tracking things like your attendance and planning as well as your fat loss and muscle gain. See how you stack up to your peers and earn points and prizes on a weekly basis!

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7 day meal pln

Our certified trainers are committed to assisting you with achieving your goals from your work out plan to your meal plan you can always count on the FIT6 team to have your best interest at the forefront of everything we do. 

Our best in class technology gives clients contactless and autonomous measurements to help with goal setting and analyze results with an innovative experience. This integrated medical-grade scale:
Includes visual 3D images that show easy to understand results and progress

- Estimates Rate of Daily Calorie Burn to determine Sets fat-loss and calorie consumption goals
- Provides digital reports showing changes over time

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Body Scan
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Fitness and nutrition are more than just how your body looks, the number on the scale, or how many pounds are on the weight bar. A deep commitment to your long-term wellness has an incredible impact on your quality of life, your mental health, and your ability to eliminate obstacles. Consistency and discipline today mean freedom in the future. Establishing healthy habits creates longevity and allows us to experience an active and mobile lifestyle even in our older age. All the while we will show you how to be efficient in your workouts, as well as your nutrition.

Order Meals
On Demand

Work out when you want and where you want with our FIT6 On Demand Subscription. If you're on the go or on vacation you don't have to stress about missing your class because you can take us with you where ever you go!

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Relax or recover with massage services right here at FIT6! Emerald King offers various services including Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, Thai, Myotherapy, Prenatal, and custom massages. These services are available to FIT6 members and the general public. 

Custom massage 60 mins $95

Custom massage 90 mins $135

Lomi Lomi 60 mins $115 or 90 mins $175

Myotherapy (90 mins) $150

Prenatal $100

Thai $95

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