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understanding the difference

We strive to create a fitness and wellness experience that allows you to reach your full potential. Through our innovative approach including the 6 Pillars of Fitness, our commitment to leveraging data-backed technology, and our integrative nutritional support, our clients are able to maximize their efforts, habits, and consistency to achieve health goals faster.
We aim to create a safe and supportive environment where everyone feels welcome regardless of your fitness level– a place where you’re not in competition with anyone else in the room besides yourself.


explore the        pillars of fitness

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Our trainers offer a high-touch customized experience so you’ll never be thrown into a workout that doesn’t suit you. We will meet you where you’re at regardless of your fitness level.

Our supportive community environment is judgment free and welcomes you as you are no matter your fitness level. Come where your effort and consistency are celebrated just as much as your results and learn to love the journey toward sustained health. We promise it’s different.


JOSH rogers


Josh has been helping clients in Arizona since 2003. He is a subject matter expert and highly sought after for simply one thing…results. His experience and holistic approach to health and fitness have his clients feeling accomplished in no time. Josh trains a diverse group of clients of varying ages and fitness goals. He has a passion for fitness and is dedicated to scaling his fitness ideas, concepts and business.​Josh grew up in the Bay Area of California, played football at USC, in the AFL, and CFL. He is married to his college sweetheart and spends his time on family adventures with their 4 kids.


Marisa johnson


Marisa has contributed to the fitness community in expansive ways. With her athletic background and desire to develop others to their full potential, Marisa inspires current athletes and less motivated individuals to show up better and get real results. Marisa's mission extends beyond physical fitness. She is a firm believer in the idea that food is fuel, and she strives to educate and inspire women to make healthy nutritional choices. Having witnessed the challenges of self-image issues during her own upbringing, Marisa is determined to help younger athletes overcome such obstacles and embrace the concept that "strong is the new skinny." She champions the idea that strength and confidence go hand in hand, fostering a community of empowered women.

She is a personal trainer and keeps the operational effectiveness of the gym in peak condition!​ Marisa is a Phoenix native, married to her high school sweetheart, and enjoys spending time with family, and coaching cheer and tumbling.




Trainer Bio Coming Soon! 


We want to make success easy and comfortable for anyone at any stage in their fitness journey. Healthy habits need to be intentional and convenient, that's why we designed our facility with that in mind. From the intentional equipment selection and having an air conditioned gym in this AZ heat we thought of YOU every step of the way. Our Fuel Station is the core of convenience at FIT6, here you can grab your pre-workout drinks, post-workout shakes, and even snag on-the-go healthy meals, smoothies, snacks and more.







frantisek-g-XXuVXLy5gHU-unsplash (2) (1).jpg


Thank you for bringing your fitness studio to North Scottsdale. As our bodies grow a little older and a bit weaker, we need to find a program the can help rebuild our muscles and help keep us stronger both physically and mentally. When we first started, we were exhausted and sore but in a very good way - we knew the classes we’re working. Kelly Burke is an amazing trainer - thoughtfully works with each client to maximize their potential and reach their goals. It’s only been 3 weeks but what an amazing difference in our overall health and fitness levels. The entire team at Fit6 has been fabulous. Keep it up - we will to!


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